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Climate change poses significant risks to long-term development of Montenegro, and consequently we need to undertake steps to develop a long-term adaptation planning process that is anchored in the National Climate Change Strategy by 2030 and recent Montenegro’s National Communication.

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About the project

Through the project “Enhancing Montenegro’s capacity to integrate climate change risks into planning”, implemented by the UNDP Office in Montenegro with the support of the Green Climate Fund and in cooperation with the Government of Montenegro, it is envisaged that Montenegro will strengthen its institutional framework, expand technical capacities of those responsible and involved in climate change adaptation planning, improve the information base needed for effective decision-making and define a resource mobilization strategy. Identified priority sectors in the process of adaptation to climate change in Montenegro include agriculture, water, health and tourism.

Source: Pexels
Source: Pexels

The National Adaptation Plan (NAP) is both a document and a process that helps countries implement comprehensive medium- and long-term climate change adaptation planning, using scientific research and facts. The purpose of the NAP drafting process itself is to provide assessments of vulnerability and risk from climate change, and, after they have been identified, to define potential measures for their mitigation. The very process of drafting and developing the NAP aims to make people, places, ecosystems and the economy more resilient to the impacts of climate change.

Climate change affects different social groups in Montenegro in a different way, which is why they have a different level of readiness and capacity for adaptation. In the process of creating the NAP in Montenegro, all the mentioned specificities are taken into account in order to understand how and to what extent certain groups and individuals are vulnerable to climate change. This is an inclusive process in which various social actors continuously contribute to reducing the vulnerability of people and natural systems affected by climate events.

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Mission of the project

Montenegro has improved its institutional and human capacities for medium- and long-term adaptation planning. In particular, this project has strengthened climate change adaptation planning management, institutional coordination and technical capacity, the database for defining gender-sensitive adaptation solutions has been improved and a strategy has been developed to provide financial resources for the needs of adaptation.

Vision of the project

Montenegro has built a stimulating institutional, planning and program environment for adaptation at the national and sectoral level, is able to identify and address risks caused by climate change by planning and implementing investments in adaptation in accordance with national priorities, has acquired and shares knowledge of key risks and vulnerabilities and incorporates them into effective coordination mechanisms and resilience investment plans.

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